As you will probably know, inline skater hockey in Holland is simmering, something which Timo van Os wants to change. This year, 2016, Timo has called a team of old players together to make a new team. Players from Culemborg, Heerenveen, The Hague, Rotterdam and especially Utrecht have been united in this team. Under the name of Utrecht Disaster we have started with the first competition matches and even with an international tournament in Spaichingen Germany.

This event had been organised that well that within a short time the idea was born to organise a tournament of our own. When Timo, together with his partner Denise Ploeg, put forward this idea to the former ECU19 organiser Ramon Rhijnen he was at once enthusiastic. In 2011 Ramon had organised the European championships U19 for the ISHN.

Now this threesome are the organisers of the Disaster Cup tournament which will take place from Saturday 15 April and Sunday 16th April 2017 in the Disaster Dome in Utrecht. It promises to become a spectacular annual event.