Timo van Os

From a very early age Timo has been a fanatic inline skater hockeyplayer. At the age of four Timo started with the Culemborg Roadrunners, when hockey was played wearing shoes. After that, the game was played on rollerskates and when Timo was about twelve skeelers were introduced. Timo developed into a professional inline skater hockeyplayer and played European Chanpionships four times representing the Dutch team. Playing both national and international tournaments Timo has got a lot of experience and as none other knows what makes a top international tournament. Of course Timo will play this tournament with his Utrecht Disaster team.

Denise Ploeg

Denise Ploeg is Timo van Os’ partner and is the very person to organise a tournament from the very beginning to the very end. She has a talent for organising events and will give this tournament all her attention both privately and professionally. When Timo came up with this idea of an international tournament, Denise immediately stimulated him and offered to joint he organisation. That is why Denise has been appointed Event Director and will see to it that this will become a wonderful tournament that will be taken care of to the smallest detail.

Ramon Rhijnen

Ramon is the owner of R Promotions B.V. specialising in exhibition stands, interior and festivals. In this business, organisation is of the utmost importance every day. That is why Ramon likes participating in this organisation, also because of his CIOS education background. Moreover Ramon has many years of experience as an inline skater hockeyplayer, having represented the Dutch team several times. He also participated in several tournaments both at home and abroad. Of course Ramon will take part in this tournament as a player of the Utrecht Disaster team.